Upcycled CD coasters

These were quick and easy! Sorting through a box, I found a stack of old computer and backup discs to be upcycled. I do need some coasters, although I might donate these to Totnes Transition Town’s stall at Santa Sunday on Dec 15th (Civic Hall, Totnes).


– old CDs/DVDs
– glue (I used PVA – I’ll see how resilient this is)
– paper for covering
– paintbrush

I glued 3 CDs in a stack, to give the coaster a little height. Tracing around a CD, I then cut out discs of paper to decorate the coasters with. I had this great piece of fairtrade paper which I used as a wall decoration in NZ, but had been torn in two. I love the teal and silver and the hand print is fab for a coaster! The trick to making the paper tea/wine/water resistant is to paint it with 2-3 coats of slightly watered down PVA, which dries into a slightly glossy coating.

The glue’s still a bit wet on these, but I’ll update this post with a photo of the stack – I made 6 – once they’re fully dry.


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