Recycled Christmas wreath

Apologies for the lack of post yesterday – it was a busy day! I made this but didn’t have time to blog.

We don’t have many Christmas decorations, and we didn’t have a wreath. I saw a paper wreath online made from beautiful old, discoloured book pages but I didn’t have anything I was willing to tear apart. However there were some magazines I’d put in the recycling, and three food magazines with vibrant pictures which were ideal!



– three magazines (for a 40cm diameter wreath)
– a ring of tough cardboard
– a stapler
– decorations (optional) e.g. ribbons, baubles, pinecones, etc.

For each paper ‘ruffle’ in the wreath, I tore each magazine page in two lengthwise, crumpled each strip, straightened them out and then rolled (lightly folded) them into four.
Each one of these rolls was splayed out at one end, and pinched flat at the other. I gathered three rolls together by the flat ends – one splayed outwards, one straight up, and one splayed inwards, and stapled the flat end to the card ring. Repeat many times! 🙂 This isn’t technical but it took an hour or so to tear and prepare the ruffles and staple them together. You could glue them if you prefer and have a hot glue gun to had – PVA won’t cut it here!

I had one page left of an old calendar I used for weaving (to be blogged soon), so I cut out the week of the 25th and used it for the letters of ‘NOEL’ (I still keep giggling about my homage to a bloke called Noel). I haven’t decided whether to add more decorations to this wreath (possibly some holly sprigs and berries), but I think I quite like it simple.



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